We upgrade our transport equipment as often as our budget will allow and spend many hours maintaining and cleaning trucks.  It is very important to us that when we pull onto your farm you realize immediately that you have bought your litter from the right people.

turkey creek farms llc, poultry services
poultry services, turkey creek farms llc
In 1992, Joe and Cheryl Henry were married and bought a small farm in Asbury, MO.  With a farming background, a farming future was the only thing that seemed satisfying.  In 1996 they contracted with Butterball and built  54,000 bird capacity turkey farm.  Growing turkeys was a great way to be able to stay on the farm and raise a family. In 2004, they bought a second turkey farm near Carthage, MO.  There was not a good litter market established in that area and selling litter within a few miles of that farm proved to be challenging.  The solution came with the purchase of the first tractor trailer capable of moving litter to the litter market.  As soon as that rig was up and running, it was busy, and busy has not stopped since.
turkey creek farms llc
Our Company

Our employees are what make our company work.  Each one and their family is a part of our family. We strive to have employees with positive attitudes that enjoy being here and working with each other.  Positive attitudes are contagious and once in awhile, we might accidentally spread that to a customer. 

From Poultry Producer to Grain Producer

The most valuable litter in the world is worthless without the proper application.  Floater tires and GPS guidance help us with this, but the real difference is experienced operators. 

poultry services, turkey creek farm llc

We depend on a very small and very select group of people for our litter supply.  People that live in and are known and trusted in the areas where the litter comes from.  This allows the poultry producer to work with someone that they trust, and therefore, know that they are getting paid for every ton that leaves their farm.  This also insures us that we are purchasing clean, dry and the proper age poultry litter.


About TCF

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